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Behringer-Crawford Museum in Devou Park is inviting the community to apply for the museum’s ninth annual Two-Headed Calf Community Service Awards. The awards are meant to celebrate the nominees’ extraordinary achievement for service to the community, to history or to learning.


For service to the community: Generosity and vision

This award is a tribute to a citizen who has embraced community service not as a singular activity but with a deep commitment to doubling his or her contribution by combining the gift of service with a vision for how the quality of life in our community can be and is affirmatively improved by supporting the arts, education, culture and history that enrich each of us. The honoree’s service might take the form of a contribution of his or her time, talent or treasure – or better yet, the sum of all of those. By the example of his or her stewardship and generosity, the honoree is a role model, especially for young people.

Click here for community award application.


For service to history: Scholarship and public service

This award honors a resident of our community who has contributed to the preservation and understanding of our regional or state history and whose scholarship, in the tradition of Herodotus, captures the past not solely as a matter of scholarship but equally as a matter of public good.

Click here for history award application.


For service to learning: Academic excellence and innovation

This award is open to an individual (a student, a parent, a teacher, a principal, an administrator or a volunteer), a school or even a school district.  An auxiliary group affiliated with education can be nominated (for example, a scout troop, single teacher, a teacher and his or her class, or whole school.) The award is meant to celebrate extraordinary teaching and learning, especially in disciplines dear to the Behringer-Crawford, such as history or archeology. The honoree or honorees who receive this award do not only demonstrate academic excellence, though we applaud that; the academic excellence is side by side with an innovative, energetic approach to teaching and learning.

Click here for education award application. 


Interested applicants can contact BCM Executive Director Laurie Risch (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 859-491-4003) for an application or questions. Applications are due by January 7, 2019. Applications can be submitted by mail, in person or by email.


About the awards

Behringer-Crawford Museum in Devou Park is serious about its mission as “a center for the collection, presentation, study and enjoyment of our natural, cultural, and visual and performing arts heritage” – and serious about its exhibits that capture Northern Kentucky’s story.

But the museum has always had a good sense of fun, too. And perhaps nothing symbolizes that good humor more than the museum’s taxidermic prize, the two-headed calf. So, in the spirit of both serious devotion to the mission of the museum and BCM’s reputation as a fun place to visit, we present our ninth annual “Two-Headed Calf Community Service Awards.”

Typically awards celebrate one exceptional achievement. The fastest runner wins the race. The most talented violinist is awarded the gold medallion. Behringer-Crawford Museum’s Two-Headed Calf Awards recognize that very often, true excellence rests with those who demonstrate achievement beyond a single contribution. Just as two heads are better than one, so, too, is the service of the people these awards honor.

The awards will be presented at a banquet on Thursday, March 21, 2019 in Northern Kentucky University's Votruba Student Union Ballroom. Reservations for the banquet can be made by contacting the museum at 859-491-4003.

Past Two-Headed Calf Award recipients are:


Community Service - for extraordinary stewardship and generosity.

2011     Alice Sparks

2012    Mary Middleton (posthumously – received by Clyde Middleton and family)

2013    Oakley Farris and Eva G. Farris

2014    Ralph Drees

2015    Daniel R. Groneck

2016    Normand Demarais and Lisa Demarais

2017    Michael J. Hammons

2018    Judith G. Clabes and Gene A. Clabes


History - for contributing to the preservation and understanding of our regional and state history.

2011    Dr. James C. Claypool

2012    Dr. James A. Ramage

2013    John Boh

2014    Jim Reis

2015    Dr. Paul A. Tenkotte

2016    Theodore H.H. Harris

2017    Dave Schroeder

2018    Karl J. Lietzenmayer


Education - for demonstrating academic excellence and innovative approaches in history, the arts or archaeology.

2011    Judy Sanders, Baker Hunt Foundation

2012    Debbie Brown, Kenton County Schools

2013    T. W. Loring, Ockerman Elementary School

2014    Rick Hulefeld, Children Inc.

2015    Jim R. Hicks, Dixie Heights High School

2016    Raymond G. Hebert, Thomas More College

2017    Terri Cox-Cruey, Kenton County School District

2018    M. Patricia Fox, Friends of Big Bone


Special Recognition

2015    Glenn O. Swing Elementary School in Covington

2016    Joe Brennan

2017    Matt and Rebekah Gensler Butler and The Hills of Kentucky Dulcimer Club

2018    Kenneth F. Harper and Eileen Harper


BCM mission

The regional history of Northern Kentucky as part of the Ohio Valley must be preserved for the benefit of present and future generations.  Therefore, the Behringer-Crawford Museum is a center for the collection, presentation, study and enjoyment of our natural, cultural, and visual and performing arts heritage. 


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