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Rental Statement

The Behringer-Crawford Museum’s Amphitheatre, Veranda, Outside Deck, North Legacy Area and Toyota Education Center and Patio are available for rentals throughout the year unless the veranda is being used for special exhibits. To be eligible for rentals, events must be consistent with the atmosphere of this historic building and museum. The Museum’s Board of Directors reserves the right to decline the rental request of any individual or group whose purpose is not in keeping with the Museum’s mission.

In order to preserve the Museum and its contents for future generations, we ask that you respect its needs and abide by the following rules, which will insure your satisfaction and maintain the integrity of this historic landmark.

Rental Statement

Rental Agreement and Regulations

The Behringer-Crawford Museum, hereafter known as the “lessor,” will provide set-up of the museum’s tables and chairs and routine cleanup of the event area. The lessor will also provide museum personnel to assist with facility needs and to allow guests access to the museum galleries during the rental period only if this option is negotiated as part of the rental contract.

The leasing party, hereafter known as the “lessee,” is responsible for all food and beverages, serving items, utensils, linens, audio equipment, decorations, guest tables and guest chairs which are not owned by the Behringer-Crawford Museum. All event related materials and equipment must be removed from the museum the same day as the event, otherwise the lessee assumes all risks and forfeits the security deposit.  The museum reserves the right to close any portion of the museum during the period of the rental.

Food and Drink

Because the museum does not have a kitchen, we require the lessee to use a professional caterer. We provide a list of caterers familiar with the facility and the lessee is required to select from this list.

Only limited food preparation may occur on-site. A small food prep area is available. High voltage ovens or microwaves are restricted.

All food and drink is restricted to the Veranda, Terrace and Toyota Education Center.  No food nor drink is allowed in any of the galleries.  The lessee shall inform the caterer and guests of this restriction.

Caterers must use the 2nd level servery entrance, not the main entrance, for loading and unloading. 

The caterer or the lessee must remove all trash and remaining food immediately from the museum premises following the event.

Caterer Required Insurance Limits

The caterer must have the following minimum insurance limits prior to execution of this agreement.

Bodily Injury $1,000,000 combined single limit
$1,000,000 aggregate
Property Damage $1,000,000 combined single limit
$1,000,000 aggregate
Product Liability $1,000,000 per occurrence
$1,000,000 aggregate
Employer’s Liability $100,000 bodily injury by accident, each accident
Worker’s Compensation Pursuant to the applicable state’s requirements
Automobile Liability for Owned, Hired and Non-Owned public vehicles $1,000,000 combined single limit

Alcoholic beverages may be served at rental events. The lessee agrees and understands that for rentals involving the distribution of alcoholic beverages, the lessee assumes all liability for guests under the influence of alcohol. The lessee is strongly advised to consult an attorney or insurance agent to determine liability exposure and insurance protection applicable to the lessee when hosting an event with alcoholic beverages.

The lessee agrees and understands that the lessor and its insurance will not protect a lessee or guest in the event a lawsuit is brought by a person injured through the activities of a guest under the influence of alcohol at the event through which the premises have been rented. The lessor reserves the right to request liability insurance and proof thereof from the lessee.

The lessee or its proxy such as the catering/management service must provide in writing the times any outside party will be at the museum, e.g. chair delivery, florist or photographer.

Decorations and Equipment

The lessor must approve all decorations. Decorating time may be arranged during regular museum hours prior to the event & removed immediately following the event.

No flame of any form is allowed in galleries.  

Floral arrangements must be prepared before arriving at the museum or completed outside.  No fresh flowers will be allowed in the museum galleries.

Rice may not be thrown in the museum or outdoors. Birdseed is permitted outside.

Flash photography and lighted videos are not permitted in the galleries.

The Behringer-Crawford Museum is a smoke-free facility. Tobacco smoking must remain outdoors and tobacco materials must be extinguished in the outdoor containers.

The lessee is responsible for any damages inflicted by guests to the museum, its premises, equipment or collections.

The rental period begins with the arrival of the caterer or wedding party on the museum premises and ends with the museum staff’s clean up and departure from the premises.  The rental period usually falls within the minimum hours listed.  Should the beginning and end times go over the minimum hours, you will be billed post-event @ $100 per hour or part thereof.


Rental Guidelines