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Six@Six is an annual series of community lectures by NKU’s faculty and students. The series showcases the scholarship and creative work on campus by discussing that work in the community. Normally hosted at venues around the region, including Behringer-Crawford Museum, the series has moved to a special “mini-series” of Six@Six talks using the magic of Zoom and Facebook.


The 2021-22 season will be released in the fall.

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BCM is proud to host Six@Six Lectures.

Six@Six Lecture Series is a community lecture series sponsored by Northern Kentucky University’s Scripps Howard Center for Civic Engagement. Think of this as your chance to go to college, minus the tuition, the morning classes and the pressure of grades.

We promise:

  • Lots of Interaction: These aren’t sit-on-your-hands lectures. Every talk will include time for questions!
  • Exciting, engaging evenings: The faculty, students and graduates who signed up for this year’s Six@Six season are pumped. It’s their chance to showcase their scholarship and expertise.
  • Join us on a journey of discovery. For more information, click HERE.

The Scripps Howard Center for Civic Engagement is a department at NKU that works to connect the campus and community. The center’s programming is designed to encourage NKU students and faculty to get involved in the community. Learn more at


Perspectives on Populism

Sept. 30, 6-7:30 p.m. 

Who: Jonathan S. Cullick, Philip Moberg, Jeffrey Williams, and Jennifer Kinsley

What: Populism has a storied history in America, as it does in the world. It has, at times, driven progress but it also has, at times, elevated the nation’s negative impulses – including racism and anti-immigration. Our panelists will look at populism through the lens of history, psychology, and literature. Dr. Jeffrey Williams, now retired, was chair of NKU’s Department of History and Geography, and will talk about populist threads in American history. Dr. Philip Moberg directs the graduate program in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at NKU. He’ll discuss the concept of “toxic leaders” and how followers can counteract their potential impact, an important area of emerging research. And Dr. Jonathan S. Cullick, professor in the Department of English, will describe the rhetoric of populism. He has written extensively on “All the King’s Men,” Robert Penn Warren’s iconic novel on populism’s toxic effects in American politics. Our panel will be moderated by Jennifer Kinsley, J.D., associate dean and professor in the Chase College of Law where her research focuses on First Amendment right of free expression.

Where: NKU Griffin Hall, Digitorium and streamed via Zoom 


Tuesday-Saturday: 10:00 a.m.-5 p.m.

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